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Free your creative portfolio with designEdit. This is a browser based application that allows you to upload, manage and share all of your projects and commercials, movies, demos, images, and documents. This program creates the simplest and most elegant way to present your work to the world. By accessing the Internet from any location around the world, you can share your imagination with clients, directors, or simply your intimate circle of creative gurus.

All of your work at your fingertips!

We have created designEdit with one thought in mind, if you need to read a manual then it is too complicated to use. But we have not made any sacrifices with the advanced functions available today. Some of our functions have not even been thought of before. These include: detailed search, shortcut keys, and drag and drop functionalities. You won’t lose any time figuring out what’s what and where. Enough time has been wasted hovering around to see if your files have been uploaded. Take this new free time to go to a meeting or take that well deserved break. Fill in your email address, or mobile phone number, and upon completion you will receive an email or text message that the files have been uploaded. When presenting to a client, you can also specify that a link be sent to your client that their room is ready for viewing.

Your creative work should not be overshadowed. The designEdit presentation reel is your blank canvas for your ideas. Add, arrange and send. Invite your world in to see what your imagination has done for you.

File Manager

  • Media Players: QuickTime, Windows Media, Flash Video
  • Drag and Drop Files & Folders
  • Compress and uncompress files within the program
  • Compressed and uncompressed files/folders keep preserved structure
  • Multiple file uploads
  • Upload alerts (emails/text messages the user once files have been uploaded)
  • Use of characters and & to name files and folders
  • Integrated image editor- flip, rotate, crop, resize and apply various filters
  • Create file thumbnails for any file by dragging and dropping an image file
  • Custom ordering of files in each folder (manually rearrange order of files)
  • Advanced searching (searching folders & subfolders within program)
  • Short keys: scroll up/down with arrows, select all, two point selection
  • Use of mouse scroll wheel for up/down window scrolling
  • Laptop friendly with key scrolling for up and down
  • Viewing options: Detailed list of files, thumbnails, along with file information
  • When viewing, you can choose how many files show on each page at one time

Presentation Rooms

Restricting your presentation to one login id per folder is a hassle. A new approach has been engineered to simplify your workflow. Now you can assign a login id to a specific folder. You can create as many as you like with different settings, and expiry dates. You can also track your client login activity. You can either send the client a link (Example: contrastmusic.com/client/loginid), which will allow them to bypass the need to enter a username and password OR provide them with the username/password for login.

You will not have to explain how to use the application to the client. This program is
user-friendly. It is easy to navigate as it uses a file tree allowing you to move through the folders and rooms with ease. When reorganizing the order and location of files, all you have to do is drag and drop them in the order of your choice.

Presentation Reels

The new modern look will not take away from your files; it will only provide a canvas for your work. Click here to view the reel.

There are just a few simple steps to creating a reel. Add the files, arrange the order, and the title of your reel is now a link (Example: www.contrastmusic.com/reel/your reel title).

Next, sending out an invite is just as simple, with auto suggestion email list. It searches your contact book as you type. When new contacts are added, you can save the address to your contact book for future use. When sending multiple reels, you can arrange the viewing order of the files, then add a personalized message and send.

  • File Formats; Images, QuickTime, Windows Media, Flash Video
  • RSS Feed (iTunes/iPhone Podcast)
  • Customization Option
  • 3 viewing layouts to choose from
  • Slideshow Options; slow, medium, fast and on/off
  • Full screen viewing option
  • By default, media files are viewed in their original dimensions
  • Expiry dates can be applied
  • View logs
  • Send HTML email invitations
  • Reel invitation history
  • Contact book, import from Outlook and Entourage

Beyond Presentations

designEdit is not limited to just your presentations. It’s also an advanced CMS, with an extensive list of modules such as podcasting, news, photo galleries, etc. Customized modules, can control your front-end site, html or flash with no design limitations.

Operating System

  • FireFox 2, Safari 3, IE 7, Opera 9.5
  • QuickTime 7.0
  • Flash Player 9.0
  • Javascript Enabled
  • Cookies Enabled


  • PHP 5
  • MySQL 4.1
  • Apache 2.0
  • Perl CGI


Paul Smiechowicz

President & Lead Developer

Mississauga, Ontario

For more information on how to become a designEdit user, schedule a demo, and rid yourself of those pesky monthly fees of AdBeast or other similar programs, simply fill out the form below.

If you cannot wait that long for this newfound freedom, call 647.409.1479

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